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Parents scrutinize Parkway School District's new sex ed curriculum
The Parkway School District gave parents their first chance to see the changes to the district sex education curriculum, which has sparked vocal opposition. A curriculum open house was held at Parkway Central Middle School on August 29 so parents could read the text books and watch the videos which will be used in classrooms.

How much sex is too much sex?
Normal sexual behavior may be overpathologized if a clinician fails to recognize the wide range of normal human sexual expression-not only in frequency but also in variety. Overpathologizing can also occur among family members and health care providers who possess overly conservative attitudes and values regarding sexual expression.

Preacher who compares homosexuality to bestiality attacks Shorten for calling him a 'hater'
The man who accosted Bill Shorten today for comments the Opposition Leader made about same-sex marriage opponents equates marriage equality with bestiality and paedophilia and preaches that gay people can only be Christian if they go without sex. Outside the St Matthews church in Canberra this morning, before the 45th parliament's opening proceedings got underway, Shorten was approached by Ian Powell, an Anglican rector, who began haranguing the Opposition Leader.

A Zika guide to sex and baby-making
You've doused yourself with repellent, donned long sleeves and pants, and done your best to swat any flying invaders. But if you live in or travel to a spot with active Zika transmission, how do you know for sure that you've not gotten the virus? You probably wouldn't feel the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito that gives you Zika; that pesky creature is so small, her nip is almost painless.

Amber Rose Says She's Lost Count Of How Many Sexual Partners She's Had
Amber Rose has always been pretty open about her sex life, so it's to no one's surprise that we will hear about it weekly on her talk show, 'The Amber Rose Show'. Rose recently revealed on her show that she lost count of the number of sexual partners she's had as she's simply stopped counting.