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Avatar porn BETTER than real sex will replace human romps within 10 years, claims expert
Randy blokes could swap human partners for digital lovers if predictions of cutting-edge porn stars ousting women come true, according to a porn industry innovator. Erotic trailblazer Brian Shuster, CEO of HoloGirls, is behind what is thought to be the first ever interactive VR world for pornographic entertainment.

UK Sex Confessions: Hot babe romps with SIX guys in one night....
Romping in alleyways and club loos, all for a pair of sexy Christian Louboutin heels, this true story has the lot. Responding to the thread's question the amount of guys you have had sex with in one night this hot babe had quite a response.

'The penis was incredibly lifelike' Woman reveals all on first male sex doll romp
Singleton Karley Sciortino had a fumble with a male sex doll as part of a documentary about the erotic phenomenon that's sweeping the globe. She said: "We always assume men are more likely to enjoy sleeping with an object and that women need some sort of emotional connection to enjoy themselves, but that isn't always the case.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford share drunk video - after they open up about how often they have sex
Eamonn Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford really are our favourite couple - and sharing a drunkety drunk video makes us love them even more. The TV duo shared the adorable video as they walked home from work on Friday evening - with tipsy Ruth clinging onto her hubby's arm after a liquid lunch.

'As many sexual partners as they can get'
Brisbane doctor says dating apps have seen a rise in casual sex and STI rates in Queensland and it's not uncommon for some people to have as many as 10 partners a day. CREDIT: ABC NEWS 24 DATING apps are fuelling rampant rates of sexual promiscuity, according to a leading Brisbane sexual health doctor who "quite frequently" treats patients who have sex with up to 10 people a day.

Breaking the taboo: Duterte's birth control drive gets mixed responses
ON Jan 10, 2017, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte embarked on a controversial initiative to ensure free contraceptive access to six million Filipino women. The move has since been both celebrated and criticised in the Philippines, a majority Catholic Christian country with a population of over 100 million people.

Want hot sex? Stay clear of men over 60
VERA always thumbed her nose at women who she said make a fool of themselves by running after toyboys. If she were to have a relationship outside her marriage, it would be with men in the same age bracket as her.

Yale provides more details of alleged sexual misconduct
Lawyers for Yale University are providing more details of the alleged sexual misconduct that led to the expulsion last year of basketball captain Jack Montague. His lawsuit alleges a Title IX officer brought a complaint despite being told the woman did not believe Montague heard her when she tried to end their sexual encounter.

REVEALED :5 Reasons Having Sex Every-day is Healthy
If you have been thinking that the only advantage you get from sex is just pleasure, then you are wrong, there are other health benefit of having sex regularly In this article, I will talk to you about 5 sweet reasons you should have sex everyday. Its a complete eye opener for all mena Click here to Instant Access.

How Your Sex Life Changes When You're Under Stress-And How To Fix It
"It can affect many different body systems and do damage if a person is under chronic stress." Chronic stress can even increase your cancer risk by weakening your immune system and leaving you prone to a range of diseases, the If that doesn't convince you that you need to try to chill out more on a regular basis, this might: Stress can have a big impact on your , Psy.D., a sex therapist and licensed psychologist at the Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida, tells SELF.