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The Ultimate Guide to Morning Sex
Ah, morning sex. Some totally avoid it, others simply adore it. If you're not a member of #TeamAM, we're hoping you can learn an expert tip or two here and change your mind.

Lifestyle: Natural aphrodisiacs to boost your sex life
Aphrodisiacs are substances that increase s**ual desire or libido. Natural aphrodisiacs include: Avocado The Aztecs called the avocado tree "Ahuacuatl which translated means "testicle tree".

I was too fat for SEX - so I lost six stone to save my marriage
Mum-of-four Sue Hayes was a size 24 and weighed nearly 19 stone when she realised her marriage was on the rocks because of her weight - but now the couple are planning to renew their vows Sue Hayes dreaded going to bed each night in case her husband Lee had any romantic ideas. As soon as he put a loving arm around her she would mumble she was tired, roll over and switch off the light.

What the List of Most Banned Books Says About Our Society's Fears
For as long as humans have printed books, censors have argued over their content and tried to limit some books' distribution. But the reasons for challenging literature change over time, and as Banned Book Week begins on Sept.

How To Increase Your Sexual Libido
In real life, most men are always insecure about sex because of two things, which include their duration in bed and the size of their penis. Much cannot be done about the size of the genitals but in the case of ejaculation one can control it and thus make sex last longer.

Fantastic Fest: "The Handmaiden" dramatizes women reclaiming their sexualit
Korean and Japanese-language drama "The Handmaiden" is everything that "Fifty Shades of Grey" was not - it's highly dramatic and uses sex as a springboard for serious discussion of what romance should be. It wastes no time establishing a straightforward plot set during the Japanese occupation of Korea in the 1930s.

Everyone hates sex ed
In addition to the U.S., students were surveyed in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Iran, Brazil and Sweden between 1990 and 2015, reports TIME . Schools "don't take into account that sex is a potentially embarrassing and anxiety provoking topic," study author Pandora Pound, a research fellow at the University of Bristol, told TIME .

Orlando Bloom gets naked in steamy threesome for sexy new Netflix series Easy
Orlando Bloom has been showing off in his birthday suit once again - but this time it was all for a new role. The episode sees him star in the buff alongside stunning actresses Malin Ackerman and Kate Micucci in one episode of the eight part comedy.

Stigma around STIs 'creating barriers to safe sex and getting...
There were 51,000 new sexually transmitted infections diagnoses in the south east during 2015, according to a sexual health charity which claims people say they experience barriers to using condoms and getting tested. The Family Planning Association has been raising awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and safe sex as part of Sexual Health Week during September.